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If you look for a reliable licensed contractor who can meet your roofing needs without any hassle, we are here. Roofing is not only about placing shingles. Multiple factors are associated with the roofing system. Ranging from the style, color to the design, size- everything is crucial here. A rooftop is not only a part of your security system but also helps to add a curb appeal to your house. Whether you plan to live in this house or want to sell it in near future, an improved rooftop is always a benefit. When you let the best roofing contractor in Long Island work on your housetop, you can enjoy the most attractive roofing ever. The professionals are well-aware of the details. Which shingle suits your property well? Which material is more durable? How to maintain the gutter? All of the questions are answered when you find a reliable roofing contractor near Long Island.

A wide range of roofing experts is available around us. But, how many of them can help you with state-of-the-art services? Most of the roofers still use those outdated tools and techniques. With D&R Demolition and Remodeling, modern solutions on time are available.

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Whether you come up with a small project or want a complete home renovation, we do it all. Our aim is to provide you with the best living experience so far. We are called the best home remodeling contractor in Long Island for a reason. Our efficiency speaks for us. When you find a bathroom remodeler near Long Island or find a kitchen remodeler near Long Island – you will come across our name. Each project is handled with efficiency and an innovative approach.

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Ranging from a small crack to serious damage, our rooftop needs to be saved and restored from every damage. If you cannot find a reliable roofing contractor near Long Island, do not take the stress. We are with you. Our home remodeling service includes roof renovation and redesigning; kitchen remodeling; bathroom renovation, and so on. Our versatility at work is what our clients prefer to opt for.

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